Fly, Eagles, Fly!

I wrote this for my creative writing workshop where I was asked to create my own Creation Myth. Enjoy! 😉


In the beginning the land of Delphia was dark and its only inhabitant was the Eagle Phil. Phil flew for a millennia during the endless night, searching for the elusive stone of Anak. Phil found the stone and ate it. The stone made his chest glow green and Phil now brought light with him everywhere he flew. Before he took off he relieved himself three times and his droppings tore the ground asunder, revealing a sea of molten rock. From the fire Phil’s three children arose: McNabbus, Dawkinus, and Westbrookus. Phil instructed his three children on what their mission in life was before he took off and brought light to the sea of darkness. McNabbus was the strongest of the three and Phil told him, “Gather the molten rock and mix it with the dirt on the ground making round circular shapes, and then toss them as far as you can throw.” Upon hearing his instructions McNabbus got to work right away. There wasn’t a proper formula and some of McNabbus shapes had more molten rock than others. Those usually became stars and the ones who had more dirt became Planets. Phil then turned to Dawkinus who had a very large appendage and was still sweating. Phil looked at it and then looked at him and said, “Cover the spaces between your brother’s throws and make sure to pick off any that go astray.” Dawkinus heeded his father’s instructions and whenever he picked off a planet a little sweat would drip onto it and that’s how water was created. Dawkinus couldn’t pick off every one of his brother’s throws so occasionally he would swing his appendage wildly. Whenever it contacted a planet the seed of life was planted. Phil finally turned to Westbrookus who was the fastest of them all and said, “Run to the planets your brother has filled with life and bring them the Word.” And then he looked at his sons one more time and took off, bringing light to the sea of Darkness. Westbrookus let his brother Dawkinus get a head start and then started running to all the planets bearing life. He was so fast that everywhere he went the air didn’t know what to do but follow him, and thus wind was born. Whenever he encountered a planet with life that was a bit more evolved he followed his father’s instruction and told them the Word. And the word was this: ALL PRAISE BE TO THE GREAT PHIL’A’DELPHIA EAGLES!




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