The Smaller the Orange, the Sweeter the Juice

Are clementine’s baby oranges? They have got to be related in some way. I mean they both have soft orange exteriors, both are brimming with Vitamin C, and both are acceptable snacks in a pinch. But as I rip the skin from the top I am once again reminded why oranges are much more delightful. Clementines are tiny and seedless and the juice is rather lacking. Oranges are big, its pulps are rich, and most importantly there are an abundance of seeds. Call me weird but I like to eat fruits with seeds, it gives me hope that we haven’t sabotaged all that mother nature has provided us for the sake of capitalism. Take bananas for example: we all eat the same boring Cavendish banana because United Fruit Company can’t report any losses to its shareholders, when in fact there are several different types of bananas. All one needs is a ticket to Asia to taste them. Which begs the question, are Clementines seedless through human tampering or are they one of those weird freaks of the fruit world that simply can’t sprout seeds, happy to live out their lives as clones? If the former, then it goes to show that the monster we call capitalism will never be happy until it swallows the earth whole. However, if it’s the latter then another question must be posed: do the other types of oranges pick on the poor little clementine and its inability to reproduce? It would be rather cruel if they did, but I can’t imagine clementines having much social standing in the world of mandarin and navel and Valencia and pera oranges. And to be quite honest, clementines do not have much standing in my world either.




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