High Priestess

Inside your apartment you bit back tears when we said goodbye.

When I left, I don’t think I ever felt so high.

The idea that I could mean so much to someone was something of a surprise,

still not sure if it was genuine or the world’s greatest lie.

And I’ve lost sleep for a night or two trying to figure the answer out,

so many twisted theories whizzed through my head that I done lost count.

For a week straight I listened to Don’t Speak by No Doubt

hoping Gwen’s voice could cure this bout

of sadness



remember back in December, my moment of rashness?

in retrospect it was rather reckless,

but I was tired of fucking bitches in backless dresses

and your vibe was different, like a Lioness playing tetris

like a Tigress roaming Texas or a Platypus eating chex-mix..


the High Priestess left me breathless.





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