to no one in particular

There was never really much hope, but still we clung on to this foolish notion that time would fix everything. That tomorrow would be a new day and we would be better than we were. But those were lies we told ourselves because we were too scared to face life head on. There was always something in the way and surely that made us drift apart, and in all of this drifting I think I lost myself, I lost sight of who I really am. I worked so hard to absolve my wrongs that I never actually focused on what I needed to do to achieve what I wished for. And now that I am light as a feather, I can still feel the weight of the last two years dragging me to the abyss. It was a whirlwind of ups and downs, of many laughs shared and tears shed, of love and deceit and lies and longing and wants and needs. I miss you and I wish I could’ve kissed you farewell. I sometimes wish I never got on that plane, I wonder how different things would be now. But, I did and I can’t say I regret it. It opened up my eyes to the power of inevitability and in turn I think I found my ‘es muss sein!’. I sincerely hope you come across yours and if you already have, pursue it. Let it guide you to the serene happiness you deserve.





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