Birthday Thoughts

Stuck in my salad days,

letting go of my savage ways.

Never put any stock in what the scripture claims,

always knew that my freedom was a light away,

a light away.

And I want to afford more than just the matinee,

stuck trying to visualize these dreams through the retinae.

Forever praying for them better days,

but the devil working hard to fuck with a brother’s feng shui.

And nowadays, the news is super depressing man.

We still got bigots in Washington steadily worshipping Ayn Rand;

thinking the right answer is dropping bombs on Syrians and Afghans

and not giving two shits about the welfare of their fellow Americans.

It sickens me, to think of what we’ve become:

a nation of have nots blindly following the beat of rich men’s drums,

losing our values to secure a false sense of free-dom.

But pay me no mind, I’m just an immigrant with some odd thoughts,

on the quest for my Golden Fleece like Jason and the Argonauts.



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