Smoke Break I

“That’s the thing about people,” she paused to take a drag. “They use you and when they can no longer find any benefit from having you around they toss you to the wind, hoping that your seed will take hold far from here.”

“Doesn’t that scare you?”

“I think that at some point it did, adrift in the sea of the unknown without so much as a lifeboat to help you out. But after some time you start to figure it out.” 

“Do you mind me asking how you did it?”

“Not at all. It’s pretty simple actually. When I was drifting alone in the sea of darkness I had only one choice: finding the light.”

“What do you mean by ‘finding the light’?”

“I’m sure you’re aware that deep inside of us there is both light and dark.”

“Well yeah. It’s our choices that determine whether we are light or dark, and most of us tend to be in the middle sporting some shade of grey.”

“Exactly! When I was alone and completely broken I searched for the light. The tricky thing is that after so many years of neglecting my own light I was at a loss on how to use it. So instead I became a mirror and reflected other people’s light, with the hope that somewhere along the way I’d find a way to glow again.”

“Have you found your way?”

“I’m getting there.”

“Is there a guide on how to glow?”

“I’m afraid not dear friend.”

We finished our cigarettes in silence, absorbing the truth while plotting our escape from this sea of darkness.



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