A Requiem For You

It’s been three years since I had you up against the wall. You said, “No. We can’t, we shouldn’t…” as our heads slowly inched towards each other. There were people all around us, each of them clueless to the cataclysmic event that was taking place in their presence. Our noses touched and I could feel vibrations in my stomach, the myth of the butterflies was taking place right there and I could barely hold it together. In that moment our eyes met and we smiled, both unsure of the events we were about to set in motion. Maybe if we stopped at that exact moment and walked away, we could have stopped our world’s from collapsing the way they did, maybe you would have simply been a happy thought in my brain now, instead of the intricate, convoluted rush of emotions you are any time someone mentions you or I hear your name. But those are all theories for alternate universes, because in this one where the Earth sits at a 23° angle, our lips met and the world stopped for a fraction of our second, intertwining our souls forever.



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